ChuangLian Electronic Component (Group) Co., Ltd. (CLEC) is a leading manufacturer of cermet trimmer potentiometers, RF coaxial connectors & cable assemblies, microwave components, thick film hybrid circuits, mica capacitors, thick film electronic paste,PCB, advanced ceramic materials and others. Now CLEC is one of the top 100 electronic component manufacturers in Mainland China..


What's new ?

CLEC supply custom Metallized ceramic and braze assembly.
* Ceramic + Mo/Mn Metallized + plating Ni/Au
* Metal Materials: Kovar + Ni/Au plated
* Glass Materials: Sapphire + A/R coated or Germanium
* Brazing: Ag/Cu or Au/Sn or others
* Leak: <1x10-8CC/SEC or as requested